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Product: So Easy Slim Care
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Type: 150 Sachets - 15 Days (1 Set)

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Product Information

So Easy Your ultimate slim care Nutri-scheme

Easy Pha-max So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme is a nutritionally-balanced, safe, natural and healthy way for detoxification and weight loss in the same time. It helps in discharging of major toxin called mucoid plaque from our body in short period through 3 steps (see Main Function).

The mucoid plaque can be discharged from our body and the physiological system of human can be normalized.


Easy Pha-max So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme leverages on 3 major functional stages to provide optimal healthy and slimming effect, i.e Detoxification, Toning and Nourishing.

  • Detoxification
    Bio-Diet & Bio-Balance contains oil palm fiber and organic substance to eliminate toxins in our body, in other words, remove all the Chronic Dung (mucoid plaque) accumulated in our colon walls.
  • Healing
    Bio-Wheatgrass is made of wheatgrass and organic enzymes All these elements assist our body in regulate metabolism, hormone imbalance, improve blood circulation and cell function. Help to restrict cancer cells and chemical elements by reducing the risk of infectious diseases.
  • Nourishing
    Bio-Cell consists of 18 types of amino acids, 7 types of vegetables extract, vitamins, minerals, omega & nucleic acid. The nucleic acid content promotes regeneration healthy new cells, reduces any uncomfortable reaction and provide energy. This function is to improve our immune system and provide balanced nutrients in addition to the ideal body shape we dream for.

Our metabolism system will be normalized by the above 3 major functions of Easy Pha-max So Easy Slim Care Nutri-Scheme. The excess fat and damaged cells will be discharged from our body naturally.


Mucoid plaque (also known as chronic faeces) is created when the body produces mucus to protect itself from potentially toxic substances. Mucoid plaque acts as a health threat by reducing the absorption of nutrients, impairing digestion, providing a haven for parasitic microorganisms, behaving as a reservoir of toxins, promoting the development of cancer, causing skin conditions and allergies, and reducing bowel transit time. Anderson further claims that removing this allegedly protective layer is beneficial to health.

In conjunction of slim care nutri-scheme, we had organize more than 200 Detoxification Camp for 3 Days 1 Night for over the world to those who decided to give their body a clean bill of health by joining the So Easy Detoxification Camp. Is does not only cleanse the toxins in the body but reduce the unwanted extra waste whereby it makes you look healthier, youthful, radiant and energetic. In order to achieve success, one needs to have strong discipline. It is because during the camp, participants are advice to control their stress and emotion, avoid heavy duty exercise, work or thinking, maintain high intake of water, prohibited from taking alcohol, heavy meal, tobacco use or any others bad lifestyle. They are assured by our committee and nutritionist team to get enough rest, exercises and stay in a stable health condition. During the camp they will be a daily activity like yoga, chi gong, tai chi, aerobic, dancing, group activity, massages class and health class.


So Easy Slim Care FAQ


1.Are nutrients provided from SO EASY enough for a person?
Ingredients contained in SO EASY included wheatgrass, fruit and vegetable extract, amino acid and minerals are sufficient to provide essential nutrients and energy for a person, therefore do not need to worry of insufficient nutrients nor lost of energy.

2.Why we need to take SO EASY continuously within 15 days? Can it be processed into several stages?
It is recommended that first time participants join the 15 days program for a total detoxification. This is because 15 days slimming effects could become very effective in carrying out the functions of detoxification, toning and nourishment. Separately procedure may influence the effects. However, for those having health problem, the duration is vary from person to person.

3.Why we need to consume a large volume of water (5-6 liters per day) during So Easy course?
During the period, the ability of metabolism increase, body required a lot of water. If insufficient intake of water, body will absorb water from large intestine caused mucosa can not excrete out from body and it becomes harden. In order to prevent constipation problem, we need to maintain our water consumption.

4.Can So Easy be taken to those are underweight or thin?
The main objective of this program is to remove mucoid plaque. Every adult posses mucoid plaque whether they are thin, normal or obese. However, if the body weight of the thin person possess more than 30% lesser than the optimal weight, the slimming treatment may need to carry on separately. Stop for 3 days after each 5 days of consuming SO EASY; Light meals, relax and healthy lifestyle are mainly applied during the 3 days.

5.If there’s any possible having a healing crisis (positive respond) during the program? What should I do to overcome it?

  • Yes it is possible to have healing crisis because of the detoxification process to eliminate mucoid plaque and toxin from our body. But it may vary subject to well being of the person.
  • Drink a lot of water, free your mind from any stress and do light exercise to overcome the respond in order to fasten toxin elimination. Drink fresh high anti-oxidant juice to stabilize your un-comfort body. If positive respond too strongly to an unacceptable ability, the slimming process is required to stop. Then continue after your condition is stable.

6.Can SO EASY be taken with herbal and/or western medicine?
SO EASY is a set of product emphasize in natural, healthy way, therefore medicine is not recommended to be taken during SO EASY (except medicine assigned by doctor aimed for treatment), to alleviate burden of liver and eliminate toxin effectively through liver.

7.Who are not recommending undergoing So Easy program? Why?

  • Pregnant & Breastfeed mother: They are required to take enough rest and maintain a good mood during that period. Positive respond may cause worrying and nervous which will affect mother and baby condition also the quality of lactic milk while taking SO EASY, therefore they are recommended to take SO EASY after breastfeeding period (depends on individuals lactation production).
  • Kidney or Liver Failure:
    Children < 16 yrs: Generally, obesity are caused by improper diet and lack of exercise, therefore well balanced diet and sufficient exercise will help to normalize the weight during childhood, unless special case. Normally children are recommended to take after 16 years old.
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