Bio-Vigorous Abundant Energy Integrated Natural Nutrient for Men Irrespective of their age, men are always...

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Insupro Forte

Truly Saviour of Diabetics - Insupro Forte is extracted from 100% natural bitter gourd by advanced bio-technological methods. Over 600 case studies done in 20 hospitals have shown its effectiveness in lowering blood sugar level.

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Pro Can

Pro-Can – A Potent Antioxidant for Fighting Degenerative Tissues and Organs. Cancer refers to any one of a...

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Cordyseps Capsules

Easy Pha-max Cordyceps Capsule contains high efficiency bioactive essences from Cordyceps sinensis. Enhances vitality & stamina, reduce fatigue, Protects liver, Boosts immune system, Delay Aging.

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So Man

Formulation using traditional Chinese herbs has been created to restore vitality and energy to modern men, promoting fertility and sexual satisfaction. Easy Pha-max So Man Increases sperm production, maturity, quality & seminal volume.

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Beautie Woman

Beautie woman is designed to restore youthfulness and vibrancy in their lives, the secret to achieve a healthier and happier life. Beautie Woman consists of BW1 for skin health, BW2 for breast health and BW3 for hormonal balance.

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Ginkgo B.E.

Ginkgo B.E. is extracted from the leaves of Ginkgo biloba, one of the oldest types of tree dating back to 250 million years that Charles Darwin referred to as a “living fossil”. It is highly touted as a memory and concentration enhancer.

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Saw Palmetto Plus

Easy Pha-max Saw Palmetto Plus M is an unique product in the market such that it combines the goodness of Misai Kucing with Saw Palmetto in treating men with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia, Improves prostate health.

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St. John’s Wort

Conventional anti-depressants are associated with a range of adverse drug reactions and side effects. Easy Pha-max St. John’s Wort is a better alternative with proven efficacy as an anti-depressant in treating mild to moderate depression.

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Fish Oil Chewable

Easy Pha-max natural fish oil chewable comes in handy! Made from highly purified fish powder - RICH in omega-3, with high content of DHA, Essential for mothers-to-be, pregnant women, lactating mothers, kids (above 3 years) and adults.

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