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Product: Bio-Refine
Product Code: BRF
Product Type: 20 Sachets/Box
Blood Type: A, B, AB, O

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Product Information

A Detoxification Product Formulated for Cleansing and Toning of Body System

To achieve the best and optimum health condition in normal people, detoxification is required to be done before nourishing.

In our everyday life, intake of food incompatible with your blood group for long term will cause the coagulated (clumped) blood antigen-lectin complexes to form toxic products, which will affect every system in human body, such as toxicity, dysfunction or lost of normal body regulatory process. All these will lead to formation of various diseases.

Bio-Refine helps to remove the inner and outer formation of toxins from the cells, thus strengthen the functions of liver, gall and kidney. It helps to ‘scrub off’ damaging lectins buildup over the years from ‘avoid foods’ that you eat. Toxins or heavy metals will be excreted effectively. Moreover, it also assists in metabolism, regulation of hormones in order to achieve a healthy, balanced body.

People who need Bio-Refine are those who always eat ‘wrong foods’ according to their blood type; who have never done any detoxification process before and those with busy, hectic lifestyles which allow them freedom to eat variety of ‘wrong food’ choices all the time.

Why Bio-Refine According to Your Blood Type?

Medical researches have shown that everything we eat is related to our blood group (gene); in other words each blood group has different indications and

contra-indications for food. This is because every blood group has specific antigen which must be compatible with the coagulating factors (a type of protein) contained in food. The incompatibility may result in damage to red and white blood cells, as well as the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, and also may cause tumors and diseases. Hence, eating foods and choosing the formulations right for your blood type is the best assurance to your health.

Main Function

Bio-Refine is an exceptional high quality, high potency detoxification and cleansing supplement for adult of all ages*, designed to prevent adherence of “wrong lectins” from “wrong foods” that you eat, to your blood and organ cells; thus generating a clean and healthy body environment for optimum cell functions. Bio-Refine also cleanse and remove toxins and waste buildup from the body. Pure natural formulation is created safe and free from side effect.

* Not for children below age of 12, pregnant and nursing mothers. Those who are very ill with chronic diseases or surgery, please seek professional advice before taking this product.

Summary on functions of Bio-Refine:

  • Protects functions of liver
  • Improves the regeneration of liver
  • Protects liver against toxin
  • Enhances detoxification function of liver
  • Improves gastrointestinal problem
  • Increases absorption of gastrointestinal system
  • Improves indisgestion problem
  • Eliminates flatulence problems
  • Improves constipation
  • Diuretic function
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves and strengthen the functions of heart
  • Prevents tumor and cancer
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces cholesterol

Bio- Refine FAQ


1. If I’m taking Bio-Prolife and Bio-Refine together as a package, how should I consume them?

As a start, complete Bio-Refine one box for 10 days, followed by Bio-Prolife one box for 16 days. Subsequently, continue with Bio-Prolife everyday, with exception of Bio-Refine until the end of month three, which sees the repeat of the above cycle again.

However, for normal & healthy people, you may take one (1) sachet of Bio-Prolife on empty stomach, then your breakfast and follow by one (1) sachet of Bio-Refine. Just after your dinner or late night supper (whichever comes first), take one (1) sachet of Bio-Refine again. The purpose here is for detoxification.

2. As I only take Bio-Refine after a meal, will this product help me to scrub off ‘damaging lectins’ from food during meal? The product supposed to act on immediate food intake, not after a meal, I supposed?

Since Bio-Refine is formulated specifically for detoxification, it is powerful enough to scrub off damaging lectins from the ‘wrong foods’ that you eat even after a meal. It will not affect the efficacy of this product.

3. What are the side effects of taking Bio-Refine for the first time?

As a person detoxifies with the help of Bio-Refine, he/she may experience mild headache, skin problems or excessive diarrhea. These symptoms shall subside within a week or two, depending on a person. These are known as early to intermediate ‘healing crisis’, as the body works to expels toxins through four major channels: intestinal system as feces, respiratory system as mucus, skin system as acnes and urinary system as urea excretion. Symptoms should be mild and not life threatening. Should discomfort persists, kindly seek professional help.

4. Who need Bio-Refine the most?

People who smoke, binge eating, stress, heavy drinkers, recurrent illness, senior citizens and other specific health conditions which permits the use of this product.

5. Can I continue taking Bio-Refine for long term?

Not likely, as this is a detoxification product. It is recommended to perform detoxification four (4) times a year, with three (3) months interval. Number of boxes of Bio-Refine tailored according to individual preference. Over cleansing will depletes nutrients reserves from our body.

January = 1 box 20 sachets (10 days)
April = 1 box 20 sachets (10 days)
July = 1 box 20 sachets (10 days)
October = 1 box 20 sachets (10 days)

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